Primary School Sports Festival

Photo of the children playing with hula hoops350 Eastbourne primary school pupils came to The School of Sport and Service Management to participate in a sports festival organised by Football 4 Peace International.

The focus of the day’s activities was to develop an awareness of team work and personal responsibility. The children took part in a in a series of related activities including problem solving, physical challenges, team building, invasion games, survival, exercise and trust games.

A pupil-centered teaching approach through the processes of planning, performing and evaluating was used to develop practical knowledge and understanding; the process-based approach focuses on learning from doing, ownership of learning and independent learning.

The aims of the day were to:

  • encourage respect for different national, religious and ethnic identities
  • develop the ability to reflect on issues and take part in discussion
  • be aware and appreciate diversity that exists and to respect each individual
  • promote mutual respect and understanding of others
  • resolve conflict fairly
  • use imagination to consider other people’s opinions
  • be able to think about, express and explain views that are not their own
  • negotiate, decide and take responsibility in college community based activities

The themes of the day were underpinned by citizenships and social responsibility:

  • to promote communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)
  • enhance interaction
  • break down inhibitions
  • build trust, co-operation and sharing
  • increase working relationships
  • develop leadership skills
  • encourage team work
  • joint decision-making and problem-solving
  • encourage individuals to work outside ‘safe’ friendship boundaries
  • develop positive personal and social qualities

The day was also fun-packed which the images below show: