Football 4 Peace International

Using sport to promote peaceful coexistence


Projects & Impact

Football 4 Peace uses sport to deliver values based training which aims at promoting values such as respect, responsibility, inclusion, neutrality, equality. F4P aims at delivering two main areas of impact through their work: coaching methodology and behavioural change in participants (both coaches and children).

While children’s camps aim at engendering behavioural change in participants (ranging from inter-cultural understanding and reconciliation, respect for the community and the environment, to active citizenship and skills development), training camps for coaches are designed to prepare them to be able to deliver values-based training sessions on their own and therefore ensure local ownership and sustainability of the projects. While F4P methodology is underpinned by academic research and centred around its five basic values, exercises and games on-field often adapt to the local culture and traditions. This ensures equality between F4P staff and coaches in training, as well as knowledge transfer and two-way learning process.


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