Football 4 Peace International

Using sport to promote peaceful coexistence


Executive Committee

Executive Committee            Ambassadors           Partners

 Dr Thomas Carter ExCo, University of BrightonDr. Thomas F. Carter

Director, Football 4 Peace International

 Dr Gary Stidder Co-Founder & ExCo  Dr. Gary Stidder

Co-Founder & Head of Public Relations

 Graham SpaceyGraham Spacey

Head of Operations

 Sarah Hogg ExCo, Sport Brighton, University of Brighton Sarah Hogg

ExCo Governance Member

 Simon Green ExCo, University of BrightonSimon Green

Head of Social Engagement

 Warren Smart ExCo, University of BrightonWarren Smart

Head of Curriculum

 DrMarkDoidgeDr. Mark Doidge

Head of Research

 Nicola Summersell

ExCo Governance Member

 Dr Dan Burdsey ExCo, University of BrightonDr. Dan Burdsey

ExCo Governance Member

 Prof. Andrew Church ExCo, Director of Research, University of BrightonAndrew Church

ExCo Governance Member

 Chris Dutton ExCo, Assistant HEad of School, University of BrightonChris Dutton

ExCo Governance Member

Awaiting appointment

ExCo Governance Member

 Sarah Smith

ExCo Secretary

 Dorthe Green

ExCo                                          Secretary



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