Football 4 Peace International

Using sport to promote peaceful coexistence



The F4P programme has provided a tried and tested template that can be adapted to a range of local circumstances. The model has also been used in a number of primary and secondary schools within formal physical education lessons, using values-based teaching methods as part of an extended scheme of work but also within cross-curricular teaching through thematic teaching and learning such as in humanities and citizenship education. Likewise, a number of local community F4P events, aimed at widening participation and developing social engagement, have taken place at the University of Brighton during school holidays; these involved primary school children from Eastbourne, Brighton and Hastings.

These school holiday programmes have been named ‘Challenge Camp’, ‘Discovery Camp’ and ‘Cool Club’ and provide opportunities for children to mix and play with other children. The activities are arranged in pre-selected groups so that children from different backgrounds can learn and play together.¬†Children are led through the off- and on-pitch activities aiming to instil in them the understanding of F4P values, as well as build their life skills. The activities focus on so called teachable moments, either celebrating positive behaviour (e.g. children helping each other stand up when they fall) or¬†encouraging children to think of a positive alternative to their negative behaviour (e.g. not passing the ball to their team-mates).

If you wish to run a F4P training session at your school, please contact us at

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