Football 4 Peace International

Using sport to promote peaceful coexistence



With expertise in team-building, leadership training, and life-skills coaching, F4P coaches are equipped to run team-building sessions for companies and other organisations that want to increase team productivity, team coherence or simply encourage their employees towards healthy and active lifestyle. Building on trust, mutual sense of responsibility, inclusion, equality and equity, and respect can be a very effective way to boost the team spirit and get the team members to know each other beyond professional roles and therefore see each other as ‘human’ rather than just a person in the office.

Be it football, rugby or any other sports, F4P methodology can be applied to a variety of exercises and we’ll prepare activities¬†in accordance to your wishes and requirements, as long as they focus on values and life-skills. If you wish to run a team building or leadership session, please send us your wishes and requirements to


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