Football 4 Peace International

Using sport to promote peaceful coexistence


Our Research

University of Brighton researchers identified the capacity of sport to provide the catalyst to intervene where cultural conflict exists. They confirmed the deep-rootedness of nationalistic and sometimes prejudiced football cultures in comparative studies. This accumulative research identified both the conservative side of sport, and sport’s potential to provide the catalyst for interventions in acute cases of social fracture and cultural conflict.

The research established the principles of ‘values-based coaching’, which crucially underpin the programme and still guide the delivery of F4P today. The F4P on- and off-pitch manuals provide a direct link between research, implementation and the outcomes of the project. The projects are constantly evaluated and monitored, following best practices in qualitative approach to research in social and sports sciences.

“The research on F4P has shown that an approach  that is developed alongside professionals in the field, accompanied by research that informs changes in project activity can have positive results that are not found in projects that simply bring people together without an informed approach.” Jane Shurrush, Manager of the British Council Israel’s regional office in Nazareth

All the work by F4P International is underpinned by rigorous academic research with the support of the University of Brighton. See more at the University’s Research Page and read more about our research about sport and peace in the Making Research Matter publication and in the University’s digital presentation.

You can see the published articles, books and chapters about F4P, as well as relevant students’ dissertations in the Resources.


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