Football 4 Peace International

Using sport to promote peaceful coexistence



Together Everyone Achieves More !

So many people help to make up Football 4 Peace International.  Whilst the core Executive Committee is based at the University of Brighton in England, there are cohorts of people and organisations across the world working with F4P and / or using the F4P values based methodology within their own projects and work.

Not all our work or the work of our partners and associates is labelled Football or Rugby 4 Peace.  One of our primary aims to increase the impact our research and engagement has and we encourage people to get in touch and work with us to achieve great results within their own communities.

A number of Ambassadors, highly regarded in the respective fields of work advocate on our behalf across the globe and act as living and breathing testimonials for our work.  They actively promote the F4P ethos within their own work and act as advisors to the F4P team.

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