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F4P Israel

F4P Israel began modestly in a handful of villages in the Galilee region of Northern Israel in 2001 and involved sending four volunteer student football coaches and one staff member from the University of Brighton to set up basic football coaching camps for Jewish and Arab children.  Ten years later, stretching from the northern border with Lebanon down to the southern Negev Desert, in partnership with the German Sports University, the British Council and the Israeli Sports Authority (ISA), F4P facilitates 14 CCSPs, bringing together 40 Jewish and Arab Communities and approximately 1500 children.

From 2009-2012 ‘Playing 4 Peace’ funded by the European Union, was instigated to train coaches and local leaders to plan, organise and implement their own cross community activities within the F4P initiative. They have been mentored by trained and experienced leaders from the various F4P programmes worldwide. In 2012, ISA and F4P partners agreed that communities themselves would in future own the programme and deliver it independently within their communities. In 2013 a new NGO, Sport Unites, began working with the ISA, inheriting and adapting the F4P model for a broader application beyond football, in the newly named Sport 4 Life project.

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