Football 4 Peace International

Using sport to promote peaceful coexistence


South Africa

F4P work in close partnership with the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. Jack Sugden, F4P coach and adviser, has helped the University  of Johannesburg develop their Life skills manual for primary and secondary schools as the main consultant. The manual, adopting F4P methodology, is of great significance for South African schools since skills development and values can contribute greatly to the personal development of children from challenging areas.

South African society remains racially, ethnically and economically divided as a result of the long Apartheid era and lack of economic opportunities. Considering the big popularity of sport in the country and its instrumental use by the government to pursue foreign policy and nation-building goals, it is surprising to see that the public schools do not have PE curricula.

Graham Spacey, F4P project and international partnership manager, and Gary Stidder, the University of Brighton principal lecturer in PGCE and co-founder of F4P, have begun working closely with UNICEF and the University of Johannesburg to help develop the nation-wide primary school PE curriculum. This shall include South African traditional and authentic games adopting F4P methodology and values.

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