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Physical Education Students organise Student Leader Day

PGCE Trainee teachers of Physical Education from the Chelsea School of Sport facilitated a day of leadership training for 50 year 10 aspiring student leaders from Ratton Secondary School in Eastbourne on May 23rd. Pupils took part in a series of activities designed to build relationships, solve problems and promote decision-making. Examples included team building activities, problem solving, decision making scenarios and trust games as well as a classroom-based session on what it means to be a student leader.

A pupil-centred teaching approach through the processes of planning, performing and evaluating was used to develop practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding. This process-based approach focused on learning from doing, ownership of learning and independent learning. The event was the culmination of a 36 week PGCE Physical Education course that began in September 2011. The day was arranged and organised by F4P’s Dr Gary Stidder.

The school donated £200 to this summer’s F4P projects.

2011 F4P Ratton School

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