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Easter 2014 Challenge Camp

DSC_5174Children from primary schools in Brighton and Eastbourne took part in the University of Brighton’s Easter Challenge Camp in from 14-17 April at the School of Sport and Service Management in Eastbourne.

Encompassing the Football 4 Peace International (F4P) principles, the University of Brighton has developed an exciting opportunity for boys and girls aged 8-11 years.

The University’s Widening Participation Co-ordinator, Fay Lofty said:

“We were very pleased to offer this activity to primary school children on the Compact Plus programme. It offered the children the opportunity to be on a university campus, to work and play with university students as well as benefit from the values behind the Football for Peace initiative. The Compact Plus programme at the University of Brighton is an initiative which works with identified students in schools and colleges across Sussex to provide them with help and encouragement to consider a university education.”

Over the first three days the challenge camp involved University of Brighton Sport Coaching and Physical Education students working with young people as they built teams to compete for the ‘Fair Play Award’. On the fourth day the challenge camp gave pupils the opportunity to take part in a festival.

DSC_5298Event co-ordinator and principal lecturer, Dr Gary Stidder said:

“This event provided the opportunity for children play together whilst learning about important human values associated with the Football 4 Peace methodology. Educating children about values such as trust, respect and responsibility are all too often neglected when providing multi-activity programmes such as these.”

Through the teaching of physical activities with the values of trust, respect, responsibility, neutrality, equity and inclusion, the F4P methodology aims to:

  • Promote health awareness

  • Enhance attitudes towards leading a healthy active lifestyle

  • Help young people to exercise safely and effectively to improve health and wellbeing

  • Break down inhibitions

  • Build trust, co-operation and sharing

  • Increase working relationships   DSC_5466

  • Introduce children to the language and vocabulary of higher education

  • Introduce children to the university campus and university students

  • Encourage team work

  • Allow joint decision-making and problem-solving

  • Encourage individuals to work outside ‘usual’ friendship boundaries

  • Develop positive personal and social qualities

  • Reinforce the theme of citizenship

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