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New book: Becoming a Physical Education Teacher

book coverA new book by School of Sport and Service Management principal lecturer Gary Stidder is published this week: Becoming a Physical Education Teacher.

This engaging new book explains the process of becoming and being a teacher of secondary school physical education;  from the various routes of entry into the profession to the realities of being a qualified PE teacher, to the ways in which experienced teachers can become teacher educators and nurture the next generation.

It combines rich personal accounts of teaching in, and being taught, physical education, with practical advice for trainees, newly qualified teachers and established professionals, with an emphasis throughout on the importance of critical self-reflection.

The book begins by exploring the nature and purpose of physical education and examining the historical development of initial teacher training. It examines recent changes in training, policy and curriculum and offers an overview of the various ways of becoming a PE teacher, including the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and school and employment-based routes.

The book offers advice on what to expect at interview, meeting the standards for qualifying to teach and on how to survive the difficult first year as a newly qualified teacher. It also outlines the challenges and rewards of being a qualified teacher, mentor or curriculum leader, as well as a teacher educator within higher education.

Concise, helpful and filled with sensible insights based on real experiences of teaching physical education, Becoming a Physical Education Teacher is an essential read for anybody considering entering the profession or for students, trainees, newly qualified or experienced teachers wanting to understand better the process of becoming, and being, a successful PE teacher.

Dr Gary Stidder is the P_DSC0449GCE, School Direct and Troops To Teachers route leader for physical education (Secondary) at the University of Brighton’s School of Sport and Service Management. Gary is an ex-secondary school physical education teacher and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to the USA during 1990–91. Gary is the co-founder of the University of Brighton’s pioneering ‘Football 4 Peace International Project’ in Israel, Northern Ireland and The Gambia, which has been operating since 2001.

In July 2008, Gary was presented with a national award from the Association of Physical Education (AfPE) for his contribution to research and scholarship in the field of physical education. In 2013, Gary was awarded the University of Brighton’s Award for Staff Excellence in Community Engagement in recognition of his contribution to widening participation.

Other publications:

Hayes, S. and Stidder, G. (eds) (2003) Equity and Inclusion in Physical Education: Contemporary Issues for Teachers, Trainees and Practitioners, London, Routledge.

Stidder, G. and Hayes, S. (eds) (2010) The Really Useful Physical Education Book: Learning and Teaching Across the 7–14 Age Range, London, Routledge.

Stidder, G. and Hayes, S. (eds) (2012) Equity and Inclusion in Physical Education and Sport (Second Edition), London, Routledge.


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