Football 4 Peace International

Using sport to promote peaceful coexistence

The Gambia Photo Competition 2017

In recent weeks students at the University of Brighton have been running a Gambia Photo Competition aiding in raising awareness and promoting F4P  within the university.  We can now reveal the four winners. Carol Webb – Playtime

Tavindy interview our partners Geri and Maurice from Sandele Foundation in The Gambia

Travindy, a blog about responsible tourism, have interviewed our partners at the Sandele Eco Retreat in The Gambia. Geri and Maurice, who set up the Sandele Foundation in order to support local environmental and economic development by facilitating locally owned environmentally friendly solutions, talked about their work, peer to peer (P2P) training for the locals,…

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Matt and Megan reflect on F4P Gambia

   Two University of Brighton students put their learning into practice during a trip to The Gambia. Sport Coaching BSc(Hons) students Matt Ewing and Megan Hill tell us about their trip.

Rugby, Netball, Football and Sustainable Development in The Gambia

In December 2013, a group of 6 F4P coaches worked alongside 12 local coaches and stakeholders from the Gambian Village of Kartong Sport Committee, St.Martins Basic Cycle School and Sandele Eco Resort. It is the first time F4P has worked in The Gambia. The 7 day programme began with training of local coaches in how to…

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