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‘Rugby World Cup: what good sports can teach the world about how to play fair’ in The Conversation

Graham SpaceyGraham Spacey, F4P International Partnership Manager and initiator of F4P programme Rugby 4 Peace, writes about lessons learnt about fair play from the Rugby World Cup for a well renowned discussion platform The Conversation. While the global sport, particularly football, seems to be going through the crisis of values and lack of fair-play, rugby has long been the symbol of moulding behaviour.

 Various rugby federations and governing bodies around the world have embedded values such as integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork and respect in their curricula. Such values will be explored by the University of Brighton and F4P with a new initiative, Rugby 4 Peace. Rugby 4 Peace is based on F4P values-based methodology, bringing  moral and social learning together with tactics and skills on the pitch. It has been moulded to deliver the same outcomes via the oval ball, and a dedicated rugby curriculum that can be adapted and adopted by schools – and those using rugby in conflict resolution or development.

“Football and rugby have the power to bring people together because they are universal – they break through language barriers and bring out the humanity in people.” Graham Spacey

You can read the original article here.


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