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FIFA scandal keeps John Sugden and Alan Tomlinson busy

JSJohn Sugden, Professor of the Sociology of Sport, at the School of Sport and Service Management, was inundated with media interviews earlier this week. This followed suspended FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s suggestions that an agreement had been made for Russia to host the World Cup 2018 before the official vote took place.

On the day of his media marathon John took part in 6 interviews: 7.15 am BBC West Midlands, 8am BBC Radio 5 Live, 9.05am BBC World Service,  11am BBC Radio Sussex, 12 noon LBC radio,  12.30pm BBC South East Today TV.

John has co-authored books such as ‘FIFA and the contest for world football: who rules the peoples’ game?’ with the university’s Professor Alan Tomlinson and previously predicted the corruption problems in FIFA.

In his interview with BBC South East he spoke about how England’s failed bid resulted in funding cuts to community football initiatives such as Football 4 Peace, which was co-founded by the University of Brighton.

You can watch John’s full interview with BBC South East here (the news item starts at 21.11 on the recording).

Commenting on his press coverage John said: “At this rate, I’m going to need an agent.”


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